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All in One Contact Center Solution with CRM

1.00 Rupee ₹

All-in-one Contact center and customer interactions with manages all your communication channels platform. Smarter customer service is flexibility for your operations and increases customer satisfaction. Choice of contact options – business objects & social media, voice, email, fax, chat, SMS mo...

Bangalore · Karnataka July 27, 2021

iphone home repair service in uae


Get you all mobile related problems solved at once place which is Fixperts shop. Our experienced and skilled workers can repair or fix any mobile problem like; phone LCD repair, mobile battery replacement, mobile data transfer, etc. at a reasonable cost and without taking much time or delay. Check o...

Amalner · Maharashtra September 22, 2021

professional handyman services in uae


If you have any sort of problems in your home which needs to be repair, then don`t worry the real fix handyman services are here for you to solve your problems. Our handyman services include; electric handyman services, home repair handyman, carpenter handyman services, etc. at a very affordable cos...

ahanu · Maharashtra September 22, 2021

Sustainable ecommerce packaging in uae


Pinnacle industry is the manufacturer of the e-commerce packaging solution and we have paper packaging solutions like void fill solution and cushioning, etc. and our products are a sustainable solutions for packaging. We provide the highest quality packaging solutions which are able to protect your ...

Amravati · Maharashtra September 20, 2021

ac unit repair in dubai


AC nowadays are a common need for persons, especially those who are living in desert areas like; UAE, they need AC to maintain their body temperature and it also brings fresh air and helps to maintain the sleep cycle properly. Our expert technicians are capable of doing work such as; AC installation...

Ahmadpur-Latur · Maharashtra September 20, 2021

velvet curtains in uae


Wants to decorate your windows and give an aesthetic look to your place, then installing the beautiful curtains are the best and easy way to do so. The real curtains have different types of curtains such as; chiffon curtains, bathroom curtains, luxury curtains, etc. and these all are made from high ...

Arvi · Maharashtra September 19, 2021

laptop screen repair shop Dubai


If you have any issues related to your laptop such as; laptop screen replacement, laptop ram replacement, laptop data recovery, etc. you can come to Fixperts shop and get a solution for your every problem. Our expert technicians can resolve problems related to any brand`s laptop very quickly like ac...

Pune · Maharashtra September 19, 2021

Geami wrappak hv in uae


When you are packing the valuable or delicate items, then the wrapping is the most important to provide, to protect the products from scratching and minor damages. The pinnacle company provides high quality of wrapping to the products with our advanced technology like; GEAMI EXBOX mini, GEAMI WRAPPA...

Ahmadnagar · Maharashtra September 15, 2021

shoe restoration shop Dubai


Now you can give second lifespan to your favorite shoes instead of throwing them, with the shoes cobbler shop from the fixperts. Our experts are very well trained to repair any types shoes whether it is NIKE sneakers or louis Vuitton runners we make them working as they are before. We provide shoe r...

Ahmadnagar · Maharashtra September 15, 2021

bathroom makeovers services in dubai


The real fix fitout and renovations services provide a whole new look to a bored looking place, and make an empty place decorative with our refurbishments services. Our experts optimize the place and then give it an amazing design as per your choice. Our services includes; bathroom renovation, home ...

Amravati · Maharashtra September 15, 2021

double socket back box Fitting in dubai


Electric appliances are the most essential things, even we are rely on electric appliances without them or with faulty appliances we are not possible to do things in right way, so for making your things easy Real Fix have the best electrical services which includes; home electric wiring, fuse box re...

Anjangaon · Maharashtra September 13, 2021

watch service Dubai


Watches is a machine which needs maintenance to work smoothly, and if your watch is not working properly or broken, then you can repair it at the Fixperts shop. Our watchmakers will treat and provide quality job to every timepiece either it small or large, and make your watches look and working as y...

ahanu · Maharashtra September 13, 2021