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laboratory photometer in Saudi Arabia

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Caresource Leading supplier of medical and scientific laboratory equipment, offering biological safety cabinets, laminar flow cabinets, and blood bank refrigerators at very reasonable prices in various regions of Dubai. Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE. Biological safety cabinets and laminar airflow cabinets...

Pachgaon · Maharashtra November 15, 2022

High-Quality Brochure Printing UAE


Designing a brochure and catalogue to influence readers is not an easy feat. To make it effective and provide all information, the Print Shop welcomes you to create and print high quality brochure and catalogues to represent your enterprise to mass.

Jabalpur · Madhya Pradesh November 14, 2022

uae flag bunting in UAE

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Celebrate the constant growth and prosperity of the UAE, a country you can proudly call home. Our UAE National Day party decorations are sure to bring out the enjoyment and patriotism the festival brings out in you. We offers UAE National Day balloons and other uae flag bunting ,decorations in the U...

Amalner · Maharashtra November 10, 2022

RFID Reader in Saudi Arabia

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Care Source is a Dubai-based medical supplier and surgical equipment supplier. We offer RFID Readers and lab equipment. A radio frequency identification reader (RFID reader) is a device that collects data from RFID tags that are used to track individual objects. For more information, please visit ou...

Mahe · Pondicherry November 10, 2022

Auto CPAP in Saudi Arabia

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Caresource offers laboratory-related products as well as homecare products. Products such as CPAP Machines, Auto CPAP, and so on. A CPAP machine uses gentle air pressure to keep your breathing airways open while you sleep. Your doctor may prescribe CPAP to treat sleep-related breathing disorders suc...

Pune · Maharashtra November 8, 2022

surgical equipment manufacturers Dubai

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Healthcare is one of the most important phenomenon that impacts the entire globe and is closely linked to the development of any country. Hence, focusing on well-being of an individual, the Zainee Healthcare manufactures finest medical products to upgrade the standard of living.

Pune · Maharashtra November 8, 2022

christmas decoration in Dubai.

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Christmas is a festival in which we decorate our event or party by lighting and decorating the tree with garland or popcorn chains. This time, the party popper has offered a wide range of Christmas decorations such as vintage Christmas decorations, Xmas party themes, Christmas decorations, Christmas...

Basmath · Maharashtra November 7, 2022

Biosafety Cabinet in Oman.

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Caresource is a medical company that is the best laboratory and laboratory equipment supplier in Dubai. It provides high-quality PCR laboratory products at reasonable prices, such as the Biosafety Cabinet. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best service and products available on the ma...

Parola · Maharashtra November 7, 2022

Print Shop stamp maker in UAE


Do you want to explore your business overseas? Customize your business goals with creative ideas. The Print Shop offers high quality online printing services as well as welcomes you at store in Dubai to design your printing requirements at affordable prices. Visit our shop to grab the best.

Srinagar · Jammu and Kashmir November 7, 2022

Voicebot auto dialer solution provider

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Call Center Automation - Voice bot operates in a manner similar to voice while responding to our related callings & with the help of call center technology used, generally using natural language. AI that allows a caller to navigate an IVR system with their voice. Benefits of voice bot :- Provide...

Mumbai · Maharashtra November 3, 2022

wholesale surgical supplies in Dubai


A surgical instrument is a device for performing specific actions and carrying out desired effects for healthcare. Zainee Healthcare supplies various medical products to assist surgeries in medical institutes globally. We also manufactures laboratory disposables and orthopedic implants.

Igatpuri · Maharashtra November 3, 2022

Peracetic Acid Test Strips in Oman

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We at Care Source offer test strips such as peracetic acid test strips as well as other lab equipment for a variety of applications. This test strip is used to measure peracetic levels as well as to monitor certain diseases and health conditions. Diluting disinfectants prior to use with immediate ac...

Pune · Maharashtra November 1, 2022