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ML Model essentials - Data Annotation?

1.00 Rupee ₹

Data annotation is the process of labeling individual elements & unstructured data of training data to help machines. 2D & 3D Data annotation This text, images, audio, or video information to train ml models. Please visit the website:- Co...

Mumbai · Maharashtra December 13, 2022

2D/3D Image Annotation Services

1.00 Rupee ₹

2D & 3D box around the object image annotation ensures that machines perceive an annotated area as a different item. 3D data annotation of all three dimensions of the objects. Data annotations are AI & ML-based perception models to recognize the particular object in an image and learn to det...

Mumbai · Maharashtra December 29, 2022

RPA tool is business power automation?

1.00 Rupee ₹

The best way to get started with Business process automation is to implement a robotic process automation solution. RPA tool is used in most industries, particularly those that include repetitive tasks such as bfsi, healthcare & telecommunications. Contact us:- Visit the we...

Mumbai · Maharashtra January 5, 2023

Business process automation build end-to-end automations

1.00 Rupee ₹

FiveS Digital expert to see how feature-rich business process automation accelerates your work. This technique of making a process system operates automatically, monitor control the production & delivery of products and services. It is automation reduces time, effort, and cost. Contact us:- sale...

Mumbai · Maharashtra January 25, 2023

Digital Customer Experience (cx) is everything?

1.00 Rupee ₹

We enable businesses to create, monitor and thereby improve CX service to ensure customer satisfaction. CX new ideas and technologies into their customer service & delivery. digital CX refers to the total online interactions a customer has with your brand. contact us:-

Mumbai · Maharashtra January 27, 2023

Print Shop stamp maker in UAE


Do you want to explore your business overseas? Customize your business goals with creative ideas. The Print Shop offers high quality online printing services as well as welcomes you at store in Dubai to design your printing requirements at affordable prices. Visit our shop to grab the best.

Srinagar · Jammu and Kashmir November 7, 2022

High-Quality Brochure Printing UAE


Designing a brochure and catalogue to influence readers is not an easy feat. To make it effective and provide all information, the Print Shop welcomes you to create and print high quality brochure and catalogues to represent your enterprise to mass.

Jabalpur · Madhya Pradesh November 14, 2022

wholesale surgical supplies UAE


Zainee Healthcare is offering a multitude of medical instruments which is fit for accomplishing a number of procedures in a operating room. Buy a wide range of surgical accessories and disposables in wholesale price and visit our website to know more about our products.

Mumbai · Maharashtra December 12, 2022

Get to Know the QMS System?


QMS is a formalized system of processes & procedures designed to improve quality throughout an organization, manage documents, complaints, and training, ensure product quality, and reduce overall quality costs. Quality Management Services:- Smart Dashboard, Internal Audits, Training Record, Auto...

Mumbai · Maharashtra December 14, 2022

balloon store dubai


Explore colourful letter balloons in a range of colours for any special occasion. Each foil balloon comes with a handy straw for easy air inflation at home. Available in both uppercase and lowercase alphabets, these balloons are great for all kinds of parties. . Shop party decorations like confetti,...

Bestavaripeta · Andhra Pradesh January 9, 2023

birthday party decoration in UAE


Elevate and add a pop of colour and style to your birthday celebrations with our adorable fairy foil balloon decor arch garland set! From baby showers to wedding receptions, and graduation parties to family reunions, Foil Balloons has a great selection of balloons that will put a smile on everyone. ...

Naharlagun · Arunachal Pradesh January 10, 2023

stamp maker services UAE


Some techniques require very little in the way of making stamps. Whatever type of stamp you are planning to create, depends on good design. Focusing on creativity, the Print Shop offers wide range of stamp design, wax seal and other printing services.

Pune · Maharashtra January 16, 2023