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wholesale surgical supplies in Dubai


A surgical instrument is a device for performing specific actions and carrying out desired effects for healthcare. Zainee Healthcare supplies various medical products to assist surgeries in medical institutes globally. We also manufactures laboratory disposables and orthopedic implants.

Igatpuri · Maharashtra November 3, 2022

Get the Most Effective Uric Acid Treatment In Homeopathy

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Uric acid levels in your blood increase when you consume foods rich in purines, and the excretion through urine cannot keep up with the production. Excess uric acid in the body eventually turns into a crystalline form and settles in the joints, leading to gout. Moreover, in some cases, it can cause ...

Mohali · Punjab October 5, 2022

Overcome Dengue with the Best Homeopathic Medicine

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Dengue is caused by the dengue virus (DENV), spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. It is often known as break-bone fever because it affects the muscles & bones of the patient severely, causing a pain that feels almost like the breaking of bones. Homeopathic medicine for dengue and low platelets ...

Chandigarh · Chandigarh September 28, 2022

medical disposables distributors Dubai


Disposable accessories are single use product that reduce the chances of infections and are less contagious. Focusing on Health and maintaining hygiene, the Zainee Healthcare delivers wide range of disposables in many regions.

Kavaratti · Lakshadweep September 22, 2022

Is Homeopathic Medicine For Fatty Liver Effectively?

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Homeopathic medicines are the best solution for fatty liver problems. Fatty liver is a widespread problem, with more than 10 million cases annually in India. It can cause liver inflammation, eventually leading to liver damage and failure. Homeopathic medicine for fatty liver is very proficient in ma...

Mohali · Punjab September 21, 2022

surgical items wholesale Dubai


Healthcare and medical facilities are regarded as most significant in promoting health and well-being. Zainee Healthcare are leading wholesale suppliers of finest medical instruments and surgical accessories in many countries. Also, we offers best quality orthopedic implants and disposable medical e...

Bagepalli · Karnataka September 13, 2022

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