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Geami wrappak hv in uae


When you are packing the valuable or delicate items, then the wrapping is the most important to provide, to protect the products from scratching and minor damages. The pinnacle company provides high quality of wrapping to the products with our advanced technology like; GEAMI EXBOX mini, GEAMI WRAPPA...

Ahmadnagar · Maharashtra September 15, 2021

stretch film manufacturer in dubai


Stretch films are the most popular packaging solution to binds the shipping products together to easily deliver them to warehouses or distribution centres. These films are stretchable and made of plastic which reduces the chance of spoiling the products due to external factors such as water, dust an...

Aurangabad · Maharashtra September 8, 2021

printed tapes in uae


Printed tapes are better way to promote your brand and create awareness in public instead of printed boxes, because these tapes are effective, looks professional, seals the packages and this is cost efficient too. You can print logo or message on this and paste or seals the boxes this will promote y...

Arvi · Maharashtra September 6, 2021

metal packing clips in uae


If you need to bundle your shipping boxes on the pallets, then the strong and durable PP strappings from the pinnacle industry are here for you. We have polyester, polypropylene, metal wire buckles, etc. which help to binds the bundles strongly together and you can put them in the storage area for a...

ahanu · Maharashtra September 1, 2021

e commerce packaging in dubai


Pinnacle is an eCommerce packaging solution, who provides different types of quality packing solutions such as void fill solutions, paper cushioning, etc. We provide wrapping and cushioning through our paper wrapping machine for the best packaging, so our customers don`t have to sacrifice with their...

Ashta-Sangli · Maharashtra August 30, 2021

container seals in uae


If you want to make your shipping containers safer and temper proof, then use container seals manufactured by the pinnacle industries. These seals are highly compatible to lock the doors of containers and keep them lock until it reaches the point and opens with the proper tools. We have bolt seals, ...

Pune · Maharashtra August 22, 2021

packing adhesive tapes manufacturer in uae


If you are looking for something from which you can pack your shipping boxes properly and make them ready to deliver? then, pinnacle industry have the packaging adhesive tapes. These tapes are used for water, dust and draught sealing and also to protect shipping materials from damage. These tapes ar...

Pune · Maharashtra August 16, 2021

carton box manufacturer in dubai


Corrugated boxes are the best for packaging your different types of of shapes and size of products and sent them anywhere you want. These boxes are light weight, eco-friendly, flexible and easy to customize so you can cut and adjust them in any shape. Our professional workers make this products with...

Arvi · Maharashtra August 13, 2021

bubble wrap roll manufacturers in uae


Bubble wrap has air-filled bubbles which makes it a soft and perfect protective layer for the shipping boxes which contains small, large, heavy, light and fragile materials. Pinnacle have different types of bubbles rolls for different products like for electronic products we have "anti-static bubble...

Pune · Maharashtra August 4, 2021

printed tapes manufacturer services in dubai


We have different types of high-quality packaging solutions, and printed tape is one of them through this you can pack your moving boxes and also print your brand name or logo on them. This is the best substitute for the customize carton boxes also and cost-efficient. This is a strong and powerful t...

Arvi · Maharashtra July 14, 2021

corrugated rolls services in dubai


You can make shield-like protection around your shipping products by the use of corrugated rolls. It can be adjusted and cut into any shape according to your product's packing shape. This is lightweight and cost-efficient so, it will also not going to increase your shipping charges as well. Buy a sh...

Pune · Maharashtra July 4, 2021

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