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home refrigerator repair in uae


Our team of experts will repair your every type of home appliances, in order to maintain them in proper working condition our specialist analyse the problem and solve in just moments which does not stop your work. Real Fix specializes in repairing and maintenance appliances like; refrigerators, wash...

Anjangaon · Maharashtra September 8, 2021

bag zipper repairs shop Dubai


Fixperts provides a lot of different expert services and handbag repairs services are one of them. Your costly handbags or favorite one because of some minor damage your don`t have to change them and buy new one`s, the Fixperts handbag services will fix problems like; chain repairs, buckles repairs,...

ahanu · Maharashtra September 5, 2021

central ac repair in uae


Nowadays an air conditioner is an essential need for everyone and it needs regular services to work properly and give the feeling which we want in summer days. We provide AC repairs services such as; Refrigerant leaks, drainage issues, broken compressor fans are the most common services which AC nee...

ahanu · Maharashtra August 22, 2021

key maker shop Dubai

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People occasionally misplace their keys, making it difficult to access their necessities. As a result, you'll need key maker service to create duplicate keys. In dubai Fixperts shop has Key service who can prepare a wide range of locks for individuals and businesses. As a result, contact us if you a...

Naroli · Dadra and Nagar Haveli August 8, 2021

door lock repair Dubai

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The most convenient way to keep your belongings safe is to use a lock and key. Locks are essential for protecting valuables such as jewellery and assets such as automobiles from trespassing or theft. . If you decide to break the lock, VIsit Fixperts shop for key duplication service in Dubai. Contact...

Bestavaripeta · Andhra Pradesh July 25, 2021

laptop screen repair shop Dubai

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Laptop service in Dubai has become a popular computer service due to our increasing reliance on computers. Improper use, water damage, or a broken laptop may necessitate costly repairs such as laptop screen replacement or motherboard repair. Fixperts shop in Dubai is a professional laptop service ce...

East Delhi · Delhi July 21, 2021

wood engraving in dubai

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Special occasions are the ideal time to give a thoughtful, long-lasting gift. Engraving captures a moment in time with ease, and Fixperts shop has the expertise and giftware to help you commemorate any occasion. In Dubai Fixperts shop has got you engraving service. Contact Fixperts shop today

Barbari(AMCArea) · Assam July 19, 2021